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タイトル 「コラム」 早く、品質が良く、安い事は可能か? 






「コラム」 早く、品質が良く、安い事は可能であろうか?




           Is it possible to be fast, of high quality & cheap?

                                                                Bong(Bong Sik) Sul*


Dell is cheaper, but not better. Uber is faster and better, but not cheaper. Ikea is cheaper and faster, but not better.


We know the trade-off between quality, speed, and price well. Its true that some want to sell something with a high quality, but it will be very costly. We often hear such a quote as Fast, good and cheap. Pick two. Thats iron law of the triangle.


The wholesalers in Dongdaemun Fashion Market mastered the business triangle of being fast, good and cheap. Is it possible? We often hear some salesmen tend to lie when they sell goods saying that they are both good and cheap. Do Dongdaemun wholesalers also lie us? Not really.


We really can find that a lot of wholesalers in Dongdaemun Market have an assortment of goods that are faster, better and cheaper.


How do we select these three criteria - speed, quality, price that make up this business triangle?


First of all, wholesalers in the Dongdaemun Market have gained a competitive advantage by virtue of managing the supply-side of business very well. In the huge scale of Fashion cluster, they have managed fashion industries without owning factories (namely, Fables business). The advantage of designers brand provides an edge over others, which help create a personalized and unique brand for retailers and consumers also.


The second competitive advantage of Dongdaemun fashion cluster is the fact that the business was created in a competitive environment. In the competitive market, wholesalers can sell the best fashion brands in great volume & more cheaply. We recognize that in a competitive market, wholesalers find some other competitive advantages like better store location, one-stop shopping for the buyers, low cost sale management etc.


The third competitive advantage of Dongdaemun fashion cluster is the hard-working mentality of people working there. As everyone knows well, Dongdaemun wholesale mall usually opens at around 8 pm and closes at 8 am or 5 pm the following day. We now know why we call the mall a Phantom Market. Thomas Edison said that there is no substitute for a hard work. He was right. Even though the disease syndrome of post-development era like 3D(difficult, dirty and dangerous labor) evasion diffused, they kept working hard.


I am sure that wholesalers in the Dongdaemun Market could pick all key three factors of being good, fast, and cheap. The fashion brands at their stores are cheaper, faster, and better too. They have been taking full advantage of the management style of an equilateral triangle of commodity, speed, and price.


*Advisor, www.seoulclick.co.kr,    Professor Emeritus, Chung-Ang Univ., Seoul


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