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Seoulclick: Your Fashion Partner
for Two Decades
Over the past two decades, Seoulclick has been dedicated to supplying high-quality products from Dongdaemun Market, the fashion hub of Korean Fashion, at competitive prices. As a reputable manufacturer and exporter of clothing, Seoulclick has been providing fashion products to overseas customers in countries such as Japan, Australia, Canada, England, Kuwait, and Malaysia. As of December 2022, Seoulclick has successfully exported fashion goods with a total value of approximately USD 3,300,000. Currently, we are actively engaged in business promotion activities to expand our customer base to include the United States, Middle Eastern countries, and East Asian countries. In line with this objective, we have launched this B2B platform. Through this platform, we aim to offer attractive fashion products produced in Korea at reasonable prices to our overseas customers. The B2B platform will play a crucial role in providing selective products tailored to individual buyers’ requests, distinguishing it as a customized service provider unlike other B2B platforms that cater to random potential customers. We operate our B2B platform with a focus on meeting the specific terms and conditions of our customers and maximizing their benefits. Dongdaemun Market, the heart of Korean Fashion, is an ideal destination for anyone involved in fashion-related business. It stands out as a cluster of clothing-related facilities and networks, offering a wide range of resources and essential materials for garment manufacturing, along with access to talented designers, factories, and a skilled workforce, all within a 10-minute radius. Being strategically located at the center of Dongdaemun Market, Seoulclick enjoys convenient access to major wholesale garment markets, a fabric market housing over 2,000 shops, and other markets specializing in clothing sub-materials like thread, buttons, zippers, and other accessories. This proximity enables us to efficiently meet our customers’ needs in a timely manner.
Seoulclick History
  • Apr. 2009
  • Dec. 2017
    Export Milestone
    Received the Export Tower of USD1,000,000 by Korean Government
  • Apr. 2020
    Corporate Evolution
    Established as a corporation, Seoulclick Co., Ltd.
  • Apr. 2022
    Global Debut
    Participated in Fashion Tokyo World
  • May. 2022
    Digital Leap
    Launched Meta-verse Fashion Platform
  • Sep. 2022
    Broadcast Recognition
    Featured on "Fashion: Wear Seoul" broadcast on SBS, one of the major three broadcasters in Korea
  • Mar. 2023
    Creative Tech
    Introduced CAD (Computer-Aided Design) technology
  • Apr. 2023
    Global Recognition
    Appointed as Global Exporting Company by Korean Government
  • Jun. 2023
    K-Content Leader
    Designated as K-Content Promoting Company by Korean Government
  • Jul. 2023
    Tech Excellence
    Selected for the technology exchange program by Korean Government.
  • Aug. 2023
    International Stage
    Participated in the Las Vegas Fashion Fair, Sourcing at Magic

Seoul Click CEO: Lee Dong Woo
704, 46, Eulji-ro 45-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Tel. 010-7303-3055 Fax. 02-2263-0200
E-mail davidwau@naver.com

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