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Seoulclick Business

OEM / ODM Based Production

As the OEM manufacturer, Seoulclick produces clothing based on the specifications and designs provided by buyers.
We take full responsibility for the entire production process, which includes sourcing raw materials, manufacturing the products, and handling packaging and labeling.
Here is an outline of the process we follow as the OEM manufacturer.

Order Placement
The buyer provides us with its product specifications, designs, and order quantity
Sample Development
Seoulclick creates product samples based on the buyer’s provided designs. These samples serve as prototypes and are often used for quality assessment and approved by the buyer.
Negotiation and Agreement
Both parties negotiate and finalize the terms of the manufacturing agreement. This includes details about pricing, production timeline, payment terms, and other contractual obligations.
Material Sourcing
Once the sample is approved, Seoulclick proceeds to source the necessary raw materials, such as fabrics, trims, buttons, zippers, etc.
The actual production of the fashion products takes place, following the approved sample and design specifications. Seoulclick oversees the entire manufacturing process, ensuring that quality standards are met.
Quality Control
During and after production, Seoulclick conducts quality control checks to identify and rectify any defects or issues in the products.
Packaging and Labeling
Seoulclick also handle the packaging and labeling of the products as per the buyer’s requirements.
Once the production is complete, Seoulclick ships the finished products to the buyer’s specified location or distribution center. Our manufacturing service enables buyers or brands to focus on design, marketing, and distribution aspects while leveraging the expertise and manufacturing capabilities of Seoulclick. It offers a cost-effective solution for bringing fashion products to market without the need to invest in their own production facilities and infrastructure. We prioritize clear and precise communication with our customers to ensure a successful OEM partnership.

Seoul Click CEO: Lee Dong Woo
704, 46, Eulji-ro 45-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Tel. 010-7303-3055 Fax. 02-2263-0200
E-mail davidwau@naver.com

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